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Looking for a new blog host

 Can you recommend me any free blog host that will not do things like suddenly blocking your site labelling it as spam and refusing to unblock it?
 Also I have got 3 equally important requirements:
a) ability to import my existing blog (Atom format)
b) no ads
c) extensively customizable design.

Your ideas?

Friday, 6 August 2010

Eien 1

 Lost memories.
 Polluted surface world.
 Unrelenting fighting spirit.
 Udk's first original doujinshi.


 sonikku has really made those scans something to enjoy looking at.

 Size: 31 mb



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Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Hold me tighter (Kitsuku shimete ne)

 At long last, I am able to present a chapter from Joso no Oji-sama anthology I wanted to release long ago, but was not able to without the scans.
 This is a romantic story about rivalry and academic success set in a British boys' school. My personal favourite is earnest protagonist called Will, who is unafraid to challenge seemingly overwhelming odds.
 Finally I want to thank jen0va99 from trine.sodasexy.org for providing the scans and sonikku for doing the editing work.

Size: 25 mb



Crossdressing Prince (Joso no Oji-sama)

 A magnificently fabulous anthology, which combines female-oriented yaoi with male-oriented shota, resulting in exquisite scenes of (mostly) crossdressing sex. This is achieved primarily by renowned yaoi artists drawing characters targeted at male audience.
 Anyway, I am doing this as a joint project with jen0va99 from trine.sodasexy.org.
 Currently we are in dire need of high-quality Japanese scans of all 3 issues of said anthology.

 List of chapters:
1) Justice Lover by Tatsuyoshi
2) Skirt with Boyfriend by Miyashita Kitsune
3) Girlish Boyfriend by Sugahara Ryu
4) Oh butterfly, oh flower by Dr. Ten
6) Complex by Kogami Eri
7)  Tracks of escape by Kobayashi Yuzuru
8) A boy who sees dreams by Tatsuse Yumino

Friday, 11 June 2010

Тайное путешествие 1

 Товарищи, не прошло и... года, как готов перевод новой части приключений юного монаха Сюаньцзана, за авторством замечательной (замечательного?) Подзю и Саббы Го.
 Переводческая команда выступает в прежнем составе: eXtreme, то есть я, в ответе за перевод, а Мице заведует графической частью.
 Без цензуры, с русскими звуками.
 Источник: COMIC Megastore №4 за 2009 год.

Размер: 28 Мб



Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Stop making sense!

Not that long ago, a certain phrase became widespread in German-speaking countries, which seems to give a new answer to the old universal question. With it, the street language called "Denglish" celebrates unexpected triumphs. Grammatical nonsense suddenly "makes" sense.

"Everything used to be better in the past", older people say with pleasure. "In the past everything was worse", oppose others. However one thing is for sure: once, not everything was the same, and language used to sound differently. In the past they would say, for example: "Das ist sinnvoll (This is reasonable)". It seems that this expression has completely disappeared since. Nowadays one hears only "Das macht Sinn (This makes sense)", negative form being "Das macht keinen Sinn (This makes no sense)" or using "Kauderdeutsch": "Das macht nicht wirklich Sinn (This makes absolutely no sense)".

The origin of this linguistic mutation is again "Marlboro Country", the country, where supposedly everything is possible, as long as there are no power outages.
"That makes sense " may be absolutely correct in English, however "This makes sense" is anything but good German.
Back in the old days, someone mistranslated it into German, maybe it was even the same person, to whom we are grateful for the inexpressible "Frühstückszerealien" (breakfast cereals) and the backslapping expression "Er hat einen guten Job gemacht", which seems to have replaced the expression "Er hat seine Sache gut gemacht (He did a good job)", which was valid until now.
However the translator has invented a magnificent hit, that every record label would envy.
Ever since "macht Sinn" has been running on all TV channels, trumpeting from all radio stations, shining from the pages of hundreds of magazines, resounding from the street canyons of our zeitgeist mountain range and losing itself in the deepest depressions of our fun-oriented society.

There are so many people, who find the phrase "stylish", because it sounds "anyhow absolutely super duper fancy shmency". These people have lost their sense of language many years ago, in their babyhood, somewhere in shopping malls, and, in permanent state of overstress, they forget how to fetch it back again.
There are others, to whom the phrase comes almost by itself, because it sounds somewhat modern and casual at the same time: "Das macht Sinn" is perfect for hiding lack of personality and professional incompetence and to draw attention away from social injustice and misery.
They talk about making "sense", but they actually invent new one!
This is what big political speeches are made of, like: "Let's say, if this makes sense, I agree..."

Probably, in a couple of years everyone will have to look up "macht Sinn" in Duden volume 9 (Duden "Richtiges und gutes Deutsch" is the most valid German dictionary), because by that time the friends of false Anglicisms will have succeeded, аs well, as as they had with "realisieren" (realise) instead of good old German "verwirklichen"...
Where might we end up? Is it possible that Neo-German screenplays will sound something like this: "What? Your husband cheats on you with your best friend? I simply do not realise that! Nevertheless, this makes totally no sense!"

Most of those who use "makes sense" do not even realize that it is wrong and falsely assume it is correct German. After all, you can hear it on television every day... So, it should not surprise anyone if "macht Sinn" will come out from one's lips almost by itself. Obviously, it is so so nice and short, incisive and practical!

It doesn't matter if it is right or wrong; what "makes" difference if whether everyone understands it or not...

Translated and adapted by mieze.
From Bastian Sick "Der Dativ Ist dem Genitiv Sein Tod"

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Eien Scans

Anyone has udk's Eien scans of good quality? By good quality I mean something better than this.

Eien 1 released.

Scans for Eien 2 and 3 needed.

Monday, 19 April 2010

又降るか 幾ら何でも 四月だよ

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Allelujah is everything in the world (Allelujah is Sekai no Subete)

 I wanted to release this long ago. Even scanned the pages myself. Anyway this is a Gundam 00 doujinshi by Nagi Mayuko with Tieria Erde as a lead. I must say it is somewhat different from my usual releases. As usual it was Sonikku who typesetted it.

 Size: 8 mb



Thursday, 18 March 2010

雪降る也 二千十年 三月は

Thursday, 25 February 2010


 This time it is a Megaman parody from Azuma Kyoto. Unsurprisingly, it also features a cute crossdressing boy.
 Thanks Sonikku for his work.

Size: 2 mb



Tuesday, 26 January 2010

1-я глава Б38Ц "Начало начал!"

 В этот исторический день я хочу поведать миру о выпуске в свет благодаря нашим с RA неустанным трудам долгожданного перевода первой главы замечательной манги "Б38Ц" авторства уважаемого Цукино Дзёги (Лунной Линейки)!
 В повествовании участвуют герои из предыдущей части, но главные роли исполняют две очаровательные близняшки и их преданный любовник. В наличии цветные страницы и кучи жёсткого анального секса (правда не в этой главе). Имеется также и не самая прямолинейная любовная/психологическая интрига. В общем манга  высший класс.

Скачивать здесь:



Галерею можно невозбранно заценить здесь: http://g.e-hentai.org/g/199952/8dacb73608/