Sunday, 15 August 2010




Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Looking for a new blog host

 Can you recommend me any free blog host that will not do things like suddenly blocking your site labelling it as spam and refusing to unblock it?
 Also I have got 3 equally important requirements:
a) ability to import my existing blog (Atom format)
b) no ads
c) extensively customizable design.

Your ideas?

Friday, 6 August 2010

Eien 1

 Lost memories.
 Polluted surface world.
 Unrelenting fighting spirit.
 Udk's first original doujinshi.


 sonikku has really made those scans something to enjoy looking at.

 Size: 31 mb



Thursday, 5 August 2010


Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Hold me tighter (Kitsuku shimete ne)

 At long last, I am able to present a chapter from Joso no Oji-sama anthology I wanted to release long ago, but was not able to without the scans.
 This is a romantic story about rivalry and academic success set in a British boys' school. My personal favourite is earnest protagonist called Will, who is unafraid to challenge seemingly overwhelming odds.
 Finally I want to thank jen0va99 from trine.sodasexy.org for providing the scans and sonikku for doing the editing work.

Size: 25 mb



Crossdressing Prince (Joso no Oji-sama)

 A magnificently fabulous anthology, which combines female-oriented yaoi with male-oriented shota, resulting in exquisite scenes of (mostly) crossdressing sex. This is achieved primarily by renowned yaoi artists drawing characters targeted at male audience.
 Anyway, I am doing this as a joint project with jen0va99 from trine.sodasexy.org.
 Currently we are in dire need of high-quality Japanese scans of all 3 issues of said anthology.

 List of chapters:
1) Justice Lover by Tatsuyoshi
2) Skirt with Boyfriend by Miyashita Kitsune
3) Girlish Boyfriend by Sugahara Ryu
4) Oh butterfly, oh flower by Dr. Ten
6) Complex by Kogami Eri
7)  Tracks of escape by Kobayashi Yuzuru
8) A boy who sees dreams by Tatsuse Yumino

Friday, 11 June 2010

Тайное путешествие 1

 Товарищи, не прошло и... года, как готов перевод новой части приключений юного монаха Сюаньцзана, за авторством замечательной (замечательного?) Подзю и Саббы Го.
 Переводческая команда выступает в прежнем составе: eXtreme, то есть я, в ответе за перевод, а Мице заведует графической частью.
 Без цензуры, с русскими звуками.
 Источник: COMIC Megastore №4 за 2009 год.

Размер: 28 Мб