Saturday, 11 July 2009

His Boyfriend (Boku no Kareshi)

2nd chapter of Boku no Kareshi is finally ready with lightning-fast typesetting done by newly joined Sonikku.

This chapter continues the story of two brothers from the first chapter.



Тайное путешествие 0

Mieze продолжает благодетельствовать нам. Готова нулевая часть "Тайного путешествия", взятая из COMIC Megastore №9 за 2006 год. Автор: Сабба Го, а картинки рисует Подзю.

История основана на классическом китайском романе "Путешествие на Запад" ("Си ю цзи"), рассказывающем о, как об этом нетрудно догадаться, путешествии буддийского монаха Сюань Цзана в сопровождении короля обезьян в Индию.

Размер: 7 Мб


What kind of items did Obama give to Kasparov and Nemtsov?

Secretaries of Leningrad Region Tosnenskiy and Kirovskiy districts' CPLO organisations demand Russian law-enforcement bodies to find out what kind of items did Obama with his suite pass to Western agents of influence Kasparov and Nemtsov during their meeting in a luxurious hotel:

Andrei Gindos, Production head, Tosnenskiy RC CP secretary:

What was in the bag, given to Kasparov by the Americans? Leaflets? Funds for creating black squads?! Radio transmitter codes? Information transfer container made to look like a stone? Maybe some refined food or licentious video tapes? Where were the chekists looking? It's no wonder that this sad excuse for a chess player is grinning from ear to ear now and dreaming of collapse of Russia.

Lyubov Kalashnitsina, a clerk, Lenregion Kirovskiy district RC CPLO secretary:

Nemtsov is horrible. Could he be a zombie, programmed by Obama to spread swine flu? In fact, it was a huge risk letting so many Americans into Russia when the epidemic is in full swing... Looking at the big picture, Obama could possibly give Nemtsov something like a plan on capturing Nizhniy Novgorod, which is known in great detail by this German, and an unconventional fire-enabled pen equipped with a laser sight. I doubt he gave him any money though, money takes up too much volume, but it's quite possible it was something like a diamond, so that Nemtsov can sell it afterwards. It appears, orange decadents' activisation will ensue.

There is no doubt, counter-intelligence agents had to search Kasparov and Nemtsov after their meeting with Obama, but they did not. Russia is in the Shadows.